[stm_excerption_item]If you’re looking to upgrade your audio system or even fix your old one, then Svpercars has you covered.[/stm_excerption_item]

How to Upgrade Your Vehicles Audio and Infotainment System in Malaysia

Today even your most basic of economy cars come fitted with Audio and Infotainment Systems. Even in Malaysia, most of these systems are aeons ahead of the systems we used to get in our cars just a few years ago. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your audio system or even fix your old one, then Svpercars has you covered.

There’s an overwhelming amount of choice available on the market today, from systems with integrated Apple Carplay, Android Auto and even built-in dashcams down to standard DVD players with an AUX input that costs about a quarter of what it used to just a couple of years ago.

There are three main components in your vehicle that make up the infotainment system. 

Head Unit

The head unit is what you use not only to control the audio system of your vehicle but other functions as well. Such as vehicle settings, navigation, climate control etc. So if you’re tired of looking at the pixilated dot matrix display on your current head unit. Then a quick search on Svpercars will help you find one that’ll transform the interior of your Toyota to something that rivals the systems found in Teslas.

You’ll find a various array of accessories to go alongside your new infotainment system as well, such as parking sensors, camera rearview mirrors, 360 dashcams, the lot. So even if it’s just a rearview camera you’re looking to add so your accident-prone children don’t accidentally reverse into a dump truck, you’ll be pretty well looked after at Sverpcars in Malaysia.


Knowing which speaker to buy is about as difficult a decision as it gets, with thousands upon thousands of options in every price category. It really is an ordeal just narrowing it top to something like your top 25. The thing to remember with speakers is that everyone has there own preference when it comes to sound.

Start with setting a max budget, and remember that when it comes to a speaker, quality triumphs quantity. So if you have the choice between going with 4 decent speakers or 2 great ones, choose the latter. With available brands such as Kenwood, VBSA, Roadmark etc, you’ll be spoiled for choice on our platform.

Also, remember that sound is subjective. Some like their speakers to be a little heavy on the base, while others prefer those with punchier mids. If you can, try and go into a store and get hands-on experience with the various options they have. Over at Svpercars, we have numerous retailers and vendors that have physical store locations and would be more than happy to accommodate you.

Amplifier & Subwoofers

Amplifiers are a critical component in stereo systems, they increase the power of the audio system coming from your phone so that its strong enough to actually power the speakers. Most vehicles have an amplifier built into the head-unit that can power speakers that are on the smaller side. However, if you plan to install more powerful speakers, then you’ll need a more powerful amp as well.

Subwoofers, while not a necessity are an added bonus, they help accentuate the lower frequencies to create that base heavy effect you find in most modified vehicles prowling the streets at 1 am. With both components, make sure your vehicle has enough room in the interior, as neither of them are what you’d call compact.

However, the most important thing above all else when it comes to upgrading or even repairing your vehicle’s audio or infotainment system is proper wiring. One of the most common reasons for vehicles catching on fire is a shoddy wiring job. So we highly recommend not to install these components yourself and leave it to the professionals.