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How To Properly Clean/Detail Your Vehicle In Malaysia

Nothing quite upsets the mind quite like a dirty vehicle, especially if it’s your dirty vehicle. If cleaning your vehicle tends to leave it in worse condition then before you started, then this is the perfect guide on how to clean/detail your vehicle in Malaysia.

Contrary to popular belief, an old t-shirt and some dishwasher soap isn’t an okay way to clean your vehicle. In fact, in some cases, you might even end up damaging the paint if you aren’t careful.

Let’s start with the basic cleaning process, any cloths or towels that you have that aren’t microfiber should never be brought in contact with your cars paint. If it’s not microfiber, it tends to cause minute scratches and leave horrendous swirl marks that just ruin the mirror-like finish of your paintwork.

Use proper car soap/shampoo as that’s designed to not remove any wax or sealants that might be protecting your paint. If you don’t already have any, a quick search around on svpercars, and you’ll find all the products you’re looking for and more.

Using ordinary dish soap is a big no-no. Always use your microfiber cloths in straight lines and not a circular motion to avoid scratches/swirl marks and avoid washing your car in direct sunlight if possible. Especially on a hot summers day within Malaysia as it can cause the soap to dry out before you get to hose it down with water.

Always and we mean always follow the two bucket method when washing your car. That means having one bucket of water to clean your washing cloth and one filled with soap to dip into. Always clean your cloth in the dirty bucket before dipping it into the soapy solution.

Use a separate cloth to clean your wheels and tyres. It might also be worth it to purchase a dedicated wheel cleaning solution as this is usually the dirtiest part of your vehicle, and your ordinary car soap might not cut it. Something like Meguiars ultimate wheel cleaner from svpercars should do the job nicely.

When it comes to drying your vehicle, taking it on a quick cruise or leaving it to air dry is NOT the solution. To avoid watermarks and blemishes, its best to get some large microfiber towels and manually dry every inch of the vehicle.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, a clay bar kit can help remove embedded contaminants from your paint such as road grime and tree sap, leaving your paint finish extra smooth and glossy. However, this isn’t something you should do on the regular, once every 6-12 months is okay. Afterwhich you can follow up with a nice layer of high-quality wax or sealant to protect the paint.

Moving towards the interior, if you don’t have a car vacuum cleaner then you can just use a regular household vacuum cleaner to get all the dust out of the carpets and the seats. You can finish off with some quick cleaning of all the interior panels if you like. Dressing them in a UV-protection coating is a great way to avoid having faded plastic trim after just a few years.

If your not the mood to engage yourself in manual labour for hours at a time, you can easily find premium car washing and detailing services on svpercars in Malaysia at steller prices.