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How To Find Rims in Malaysia

Rims are one of the simplest and most elegant ways to give your vehicle a complete visual overhaul without having to resort to a tacky bodykit or a pair of oversized performance stickers. While replacing your rims may seem pretty straightforward, there are still one or two mistakes many first time buyers tend to make. So to make sure you’re not one of them here is our complete guide on how to find rims in Malaysia.

First things first, you’re going to want to get the exact dimensions of your current sized rims, so you might need a tape measure for this bit. On the sidewall of your tires is usually a series of letters and numbers that give you information about your tyres and rims. Take the one below as an example

P215/60R16 63H M+S

The text highlighted in red gives us our rim diameter in inches, so for this particular tyre, you can only purchase a 16-inch rim. Though that doesn’t mean that all 16-inch rims will fit your vehicles, it’s sadly quite a bit more complicated than that.

The second task is making sure you have the proper PCD measurement. PCD stands for “pitch circle diameter” and is measured in millimetres. Different manufacturers use different setups and and its represented as so.


The digit 4 tells us there are 4 bolts or lug nuts that screw into the rims and the second measurement would be the diameter of an imaginary circle connecting all of your bolt holes. Sometimes you can find this measurement in a sticker on your vehicles door jam, or inside the owners manual. Any rims you may be looking to purchase in Malaysia will have their PCD spec on their backside.

These are some measurements that can get you pointed in the right direction. If you aren’t confident that you’ll be able to get the measurements right, we recommend going to a tyre shop in Malaysia where they’ll be able to get you the correct specifications for your vehicle and then pair you with correct rim options.

One thing to always ensure when purchasing new tyres and rims is to make sure that the circumference of the entire wheel remains the same. Say your current wheels are around 200mm in circumference, tyres and rims all included. You can fit larger wheels and rims to your heart’s desire. However, the circumference of the entire wheel must remain the same, otherwise, you’ll be messing with the vehicles gearing and your speedometer and ABS breaking module will be out of sync.

A good practice is to ask around among friends and family who’ve already had custom rims installed on their vehicle. They’ll be better able to guide you on the process. If you’re looking to purchase a specific brand of rims like BBS or Vossen, it’s a good idea to find an authorized dealer or reseller that can offer you a factory warranty.

Understanding your PCD:

What is offset and how is it calculated?